Home Care: Knowing the Law


The Home Care Services Protection Act (AB-1217) was passed into law on October 2013, which resulted in California becoming the 25th state to require licensure for “private-duty,” or non-skilled, homecare. Effective Jan. 1, 2016, the intention of the new bill is to provide protection for the consumers of non-skilled home care services, who are typically vulnerable elderly or disabled individuals. By definition, non-skilled home care services include the following activities: bathing,...

Finding Your Way Out of Loneliness, Part 2

caregiver burnout

In my last post, I discussed the prevalence of loneliness in seniors and how it can take a major toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health. In this article, I look at what can be done to overcome loneliness, with the aim of improving overall well-being. Get a hearing aid. If you can’t hear what others are saying, you’ll feel socially isolated in a room full of people. And friends, acquaintances, and family who have to repeat what they say will become frustrated and impatient,...

Understanding Loneliness


While listening to a morning show and getting ready for work, I was struck by the information shared by a diverse group discussing the staggering epidemic of loneliness and its associated health implications. Surprisingly, that same afternoon I received my first call from an elderly lady asking me to help her deal with her loneliness. I didn’t ask the caller if she’d seen the same morning show I hadwatched, so I wondered if it was a coincidence. I felt the need to do research on the topic...

Easing the Transition from Hospital to Home


Creating a plan for your loved one to transition back home from the hospital or rehabilitation center is the key to a successful outcome. Planning should begin on the day of admission to the hospital. Many people are unaware that while a loved one may appear quite ill or lack their usual mobility or faculties, they may be discharged quickly and unexpectedly once their doctor determines that they are medically stable or have met their treatment goals. The best time to be released...

Finding the Right In-Home Care


By Machelle Thompson, PT, CMC Geriatric Care Manager, Keen Home Care Finding the right in-home care for your loved one requires asking the right questions about costs and services, as well as evaluating your risks and duties. Consider the following options when conducting your search. Full-service Home Care Agencies provide non-skilled caregivers who are employees of the agency. Although this may be the most costly option, it is often the most desirable, since the agency assumes...

Signs Your Senior Loved One is Struggling, Part 2


In my last post, I discussed signs to look for when observing your senior loved one’s health. If he or she is struggling, you may want to begin making arrangements for increased care. The following are suggestions for how to proceed: Talk with your loved one about your observations. Be mindful of the best time and location to have the conversation, so as not to broach the subject when your senior is tired or possibly overwhelmed from a family gathering. Ensure your loved one that you want...

Signs Your Senior Loved One is Struggling, Part 1


The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for families to get together, celebrate one another, and enjoy long-standing traditions. It’s also the perfect time to make observations as to whether your senior loved one is thriving or beginning to struggle. Aging adults may struggle with the onset of health issues, the progression of chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure or COPD, or a neurological problem such as Parkinson’s. They may also struggle with mismanagement of...

Elder Care Coaching

Elder Care Coaching

Whether you’re worried that your loved one isn’t eating well and taking medications correctly or you received a call from your mom’s neighbor that Mom was taken away by the paramedics, give us a call.  (more…)

When Both Parents Need Help

When Both Parents

My parents are in their late 80s and live in Southern California.  I’m a retired geriatric physician living in Northern California.  My six siblings also live out of the area.  We take turns visiting Mom and Dad to ensure their well-being and provide moral support for the many challenges and health concerns they face. (more…)