A senior using a tablet to improve memory care by playing a game of solitaire.

There was a time that technology, gadgets and gizmos were only aimed at kids and professionals. But in recent years, seniors have become more tech-savvy (in some cases, they may be even more proficient in technology than their adult children). This is great news as using technology helps keep seniors more engaged and active as they age in place. 

If your aging parent or loved one is living independently, and you’re looking for user-friendly technology to help them stay connected with family and friends, keep active and fit, promote memory care, and/or keep them safe, we’ve assembled this list of great tech ideas for seniors.

Communicating with Tech

Seniors who are aging in place independently can sometimes feel lonely and isolated. While their adult children are working and their grandchildren are at school, it’s easy for seniors to experience these feelings. Yet, technology can help them feel more connected to their family and friends without having to leave their homes. 

Using technology to have virtual chats is not only a great way for seniors to communicate with family and friends, it’s also fairly cost effective, too. Instead of investing in a high-cost computer set up, families can gift their seniors with low-cost user-friendly portable electronic devices such as modified tablets or laptops equipped with free video conferencing software or applications. 

In addition to seeing their family and friends during the calls, many of these video conferencing applications also feature captioning options that are extremely convenient for seniors who are hearing-impaired. 

Staying Fit and Active with Tech

While most seniors prefer living independently, they sometimes lack motivation when it comes to participating in many important activities. With no one there to prompt them, many seniors run the risk of not staying fit, active and/or following a healthy diet. If you can’t be there every day to give your aging family members the support they may need to stay engaged, don’t worry. There is plenty of great tech that can help. 

Although they are often associated with children and teenagers, there are several video game systems that can benefit seniors, too. Systems like the Wii Fit Plus have been embraced by senior living and assisted living communities to help keep residents active and fit. If your loved one’s primary care provider believes a gaming system can help them follow a regular fitness routine, then this tech may be a valuable addition to their household. 

Healthy eating can make a difference at any age. Yet, it is incredibly important for those who are 65+. If they’re living independently, with no oversight, your senior family members may be more inclined to take detours from their healthy eating plans. Luckily, there are many great applications available for smartphones and tablets that are designed to help seniors enjoy nutritious and healthy eating habits. 

In addition to eating healthy and exercising, seniors need to keep their minds active, too. Technology can help improve memory care, too. Seniors can download plenty of crossword puzzles, brain teasers, trivia and Sudoku applications to their tablets and smartphones. E-readers give seniors access to plenty of books, magazines and newspapers. Users can also adjust the font size if they need to read larger print. Best of all, most E-readers also feature access to audiobook libraries so seniors can listen to books while they’re staying active or if their vision is impaired. 

Tech to Stay Safe

One of the biggest worries for adult caretakers like you is to discover that your aging parent has gone missing. Investing in a wearable device with GPS tracking is a great way to ensure the safety of your loved one. This technology can help you and the authorities learn the location of your missing senior family member to help prevent and/or diminish injury or other emergency situations.  

While all of this technology is terrific, it’s even better when it’s supplemented by professional home care services like those offered by Keen Home Care. If you’re an adult caregiver interested in some extra help with your aging parent or family member, the experts at Keen Home Care are eager to help. Contact us today to learn more about our home care service options for aging parents and family members. 

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