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Case Studies


After his back surgery, Dr. Robinson was not too eager to hire a caregiver. As a fiercely independent man and his two adult children hundreds of miles away, he didn’t have their daily assistance to help him cook, bathe and move about his Park Estates suburban home. He called Keen as a desperate move to help him manage his day while he recovered from surgery and gained his strength back.


When Linda noticed her neighbor’s had what looked like a nurse coming and going from their East Long Beach home at the end of the cul-de-sac, she got curious. She was thrilled to know that her long-time friend was getting the care support they needed from Keen Home Care. It wasn’t a year later that Linda needed similar support for her live-in mother-in-law. Now Keen caregivers are a loving part of her family who has helped her husband’s parents as well as her own.


For 45 years Ron and his wife Mary Jane lived in a beautiful beach home on the Long Beach peninsula. Well into their 80’s, health challenges became a new way of life.  Committed to never leaving their home, even at the request of their adult children, Ron found a way to keep their way of life intact by securing Keen to help with their aging lifestyle, without having to sacrifice leaving their dream home.


Knowing her mother Mary’s health was declining, Mona needed to enlist extra support to help tend to her needs. Overwhelmed by the emotional toll of watching her mother in her dying days Mona called Keen to manage around the clock, end-of-life care. The peace of mind just knowing the right care providers were in place to help Mary’s final transition, brought comfort to Mona and her relatives as they completed their final goodbyes.


As an estate planning attorney, Jenny has seen families struggle with aging parents. But it wasn’t until her father in-law fell ill did she experience first hand the heaviness of managing the care of a loved one. Jenny knew the perfect company to call to step in and assist in her family’s growing needs. As Jenny shares, Keen showed up like Mary Poppins with her umbrella to sweep down and save the day.


Recognizing that the care of the client is the prime responsibility, Karen’s role as a professional Fiduciary prepared her for her own personal journey of caregiving to her now deceased husband. Karen shares her work with Keen and how they managed the personal day to day caregiving of her husband while allowing her to continue care for elderly veterans often left alone with no family or friends to care for their well being.

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