Keen Life Care Managers work closely with all types of physicians and other healthcare providers to help stabilize chronic illnesses and deliver holistic care for aging individuals.

Our Work with Physicians

  • Support compliance with physician orders (especially medications)
  • Coordinate out-patient appointments, tests, and rehabilitation
  • Accurately report symptoms, progress, new challenges, home environment, and overall medical well-being
  • Improve compliance with scheduling and attending appointments
  • Facilitate seamless transitions home from the hospital or rehab
  • Act as a liaison among multiple physicians and/or therapists
  • Reduce complications that cause bounce-backs to the hospital

Our Work with Discharge Planners, Social Workers, & Case Managers

  • Home visit prior to discharge to identify equipment needs and coordinate delivery
  • Identify need and quantity of caregiver support
  • Mediate family’s decision-making
  • Educate family at a distance regarding local resources
  • Conduct home assessment to reduce fall risks and safety concerns
  • Manage medications and discharge instructions
  • Educate families regarding options for care, costs, and advocacy
  • Be the eyes and ears for families at a distance, providing peace of mind
  • Oversee safe discharges and care coordination to reduce re-hospitalizations
  • Assist family with placement for challenging cases

Our Work with Skilled Home Health Care Agencies

  • Collaborate to meet your short- and long-term goals
  • Educate caregivers to participate with you in rehab sessions and home exercise programs
  • Provide supplemental information to rehab personnel (RN, PT, OT, and ST) regarding your successes and challenges
  • Coordinate transitions from rehabilitation services to out-patient

Our Work with Hospice and Palliative Care Teams

  • Assist families in acquiring supplemental caregivers
  • Educate and train family caregivers and/or private-duty caregivers
  • Compassionately mediate family dynamics
  • Oversee care and provide updates for families at a distance
  • Educate families about the benefits of hospice, care options, and costs

Keen can facilitate your interactions with medical professionals.