Keen Home Care can refer you to distinguished, well-respected wealth managers who can help you wisely invest and safeguard your assets to ensure quality of life in your senior years.

Wealth management combines:

  • Financial and investment strategies
  • Education related to changing tax laws
  • Wealth transfer
  • Retirement and estate planning

Some wealth managers also provide banking services and philanthropic advice and management.

A wealth manager acts as a strategic guide and fiduciary steward of your wealth development and sustainability. To do this, he or she may utilize life and long-term care insurance.

Keen Life Care Managers often collaborate with wealth managers to develop a customized plan in which your money outlives you. We look at your health history, current health status, anticipated care needs, quality-of-life goals, and end-of-life wishes in light of service costs and available funds.

Keen Home Care and the trusted wealth managers with whom we work want you to receive the best care that fits your budget.

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