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We have a solution for every need and every one.

At Keen Home Care, we turn elderly clients’ homes into their own personal assisted living facilities.

Your senior loved one deserves the best care in their home — because that’s Where the Heart Is.


Navigating Southern California Families Through the Best Home Care Options for Their Aging Family.

Long Beach & North Orange County

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Get clarity on the future of your parents.

We have compiled a free resource guide to help:

Who Do I Trust?

"That's the first question an adult child is asking themselves when it comes to the future home care of their elderly parent. "

Elder-Advocates was created to help families find dependable elder care resources in the Southern California area.


Your Situation, Our Solutions

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Her mother's health was declining

Knowing her mother Mary’s health was declining, Mona needed to enlist extra support to help tend to her needs. Overwhelmed by the emotional toll of watching her mother in her dying days Mona called Keen to manage around the clock, end-of-life care. The peace of mind just knowing the right care providers were in place to help Mary’s final transition, brought comfort to Mona and her relatives as they completed their final goodbyes.

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Support for her live-in mother-in-law

When Linda noticed her neighbor’s had what looked like a nurse coming and going from their East Long Beach home at the end of the cul-de-sac, she got curious. She was thrilled to know that her long-time friend was getting the care support they needed from Keen Home Care. It wasn’t a year later that Linda needed similar support for her live-in mother-in-law. Now Keen caregivers are a loving part of her family who has helped her husband’s parents as well as her own.

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Keeping his old way of living with Keen's help

For 45 years Ron and his wife Mary Jane lived in a beautiful beach home on the Long Beach peninsula. Well into their 80’s, health challenges became a new way of life.  Committed to never leaving their home, even at the request of their adult children, Ron found a way to keep their way of life intact by securing Keen to help with their aging lifestyle, without having to sacrifice leaving their dream home.

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Needed support after back surgery

After his back surgery, Dr. Robinson was not too eager to hire a caregiver. As a fiercely independent man and his two adult children hundreds of miles away, he didn’t have their daily assistance to help him cook, bathe and move about his Park Estates suburban home. He called Keen as a desperate move to help him manage his day while he recovered from surgery and gained his strength back.

What Others Are Saying About Us

“Their skills assisting seniors in any situation are impeccable. Their outstanding support team has proved very dependable and trustworthy. It is with confidence that I highly recommend Keen Home Care. To Machelle Thompson’s staff and healthcare personnel I give my appreciation and gratitude.”
Nancy D.
“Keen Home Care was a blessing when my family was completely distraught when my mom came home from the hospital on hospice. We were referred to them by our hospice team nurse, who has worked with them with many previous patients. My siblings and I were arguing and stressed. We were trying to take care of mom, but we didn’t know quite what to do. The Keen care manager sat down with our family and talked about the care challenges. Keen provided training for my sister and me to provide care for my mom, and they provided a caregiver at night so we could sleep. My mom passed away peacefully with all of us by her side. SO grateful.”
Karen R.
“I cannot say enough good things about Keen Home Care. They are just the absolute best resource for helping with an elderly family member or friend. They cared for a loved one of mine for over six years with the most dedicated staff and caregivers. Everything was taken care of: medicines, doctor visits, cooking, shopping, etc. We got so attached to the caretakers.”
Janice K.
“I’m a trust officer for a large bank, and it has been an extreme pleasure to refer my clients to Keen Home Care. They collaborate and communicate very well, and my clients and their families have been thrilled with the care they receive. Their team is honest and competent!”
Mark J.
“If you want an agency that truly takes care of your loved one and gives you peace of mind, Keen Home Care is for you. After a horrendous journey with two other agencies, I was lucky to find Keen. I initially used them for case management and then moved to caretaking services. They manage their caretakers and ensure your loved one is well cared for. They have helped me walk the tumultuous journey of Alzheimer’s, with many hospital visits and complicated care for my father. They have the full-spectrum understanding of elder care and have been a lifesaver with many challenges that I have encountered in managing my father’s care from long distance”.
Julie H.
“I was immediately impressed by Keen’s selection process for caregivers and the supervision they maintain over them. The fact that management frequently visits the clients and reviews the care process has been a welcome relief. They provide true peace of mind, as I know they have taken control and are responsible for clients’ continued well-being. Acting as a conservator for an elderly couple in Southern California while I’m in Northern California has been very stressful. Keen helped me stabilize the care situation for my clients, after two failed experiences with other agencies, which included fiduciary abuse towards my elderly clients.”
Keith C.

Need To Discuss Your Loved One’s Senior Home Care Needs?

Finding the right level of senior home care for your aging loved one is a difficult process to navigate. That’s why you need a senior care agency you can trust to answer your questions and ease your concerns.

Fill out your information in the form fields to contact Keen Home Care or call us at (877) 852-2737 or (562) 438-5336. As a home care agency, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured – so you have peace of mind when relying on our services.

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