Elder Care Coaching

Whether you’re worried that your loved one isn’t eating well and taking medications correctly or you received a call from your mom’s neighbor that Mom was taken away by the paramedics, give us a call. 

A Keen Elder Care Coach will speak with you over the phone, no matter where you live.  We are also available to meet with you in our service area, in your home or ours, to assess your situation and offer resources and solutions. 

Family members often call Keen Elder Care Coaches with the following issues:

  • I visited my parents over the holidays and observed that my dad shouldn’t be driving, and my mom isn’t safe to cook anymore.
  • Mom isn’t maintaining her home or her hygiene, and she seems withdrawn.
  • My husband has been sleeping a great deal, and when I try to get him up, he becomes hostile.
  • I received a call from my grandma’s neighbor that she has fallen three times recently, and he helped her up from the floor.
  • Mom’s COPD is getting worse, and she has been in the hospital 4 times in the last 2 months.
  • Dad’s assisted living called me and said they can no longer care for him due to behaviors.
  • Mom’s hospital in California called to report she was admitted with a broken hip — and I live in New York.
  • Mom has been caring for my father with dementia, and she is losing weight and worn out.
  • My uncle was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and there is no family support near him.
  • Mom is being discharged from the hospital after a stroke, and I don’t know what to do.

Keen Elder Care Coaches (RN, MSW, and PT) Offer Many Services

  • Develop a care plan
  • Provide family education and mediation to enhance consensus-building
  • Answer questions regarding health care coverage and care continuum
  • Intelligent,  experienced solutions to complex care needs
  • Education, support, training, and resources for family caregivers
  • Referrals to Life Care Manager resources in your area
  • Guidance to obtain DPOA for Healthcare and Advanced Directives
  • End-of-life coordination and planning