Unfortunately, many individuals suffer major accidents, unexpected onset of new health crises, and elective surgeries that require ongoing rehabilitation support.

Common situations necessitating ongoing rehabilitation support:

  • Elective surgery for joint replacement
  • Sudden onset of a major event such as stroke, heart attack, or respiratory failure
  • Infection involving prolonged antibiotics and overall deconditioning
  • Falls with injuries such as concussion, brain injury, fractures, or spinal cord injuries
  • Multiple medical co-morbidities resulting in prolonged hospitalization
  • Frailty due to chronic illnesses
  • Traumatic injuries such as a fall from a ladder or car accident

Individuals and their families dealing with these situations are often overwhelmed. They seek assistance in creating a plan that makes sense.

Keen Life Care Managers are often asked the following questions:

  • How long will I be in the hospital or rehabilitation facility?
  • What is covered by insurance, and how much will I need to pay out of pocket?
  • Are there quality facilities or agencies in my area?
  • What are the next steps in the process?
  • How will I get to my physician and rehabilitation appointments?
  • Who will oversee my mom’s or dad’s care, given that I live at a distance?
  • What is the rehabilitation plan, and what’s the long-term plan?
  • I don’t have financial resources, so how will I get help?
  • How do I select an agency to provide care support at home?
  • Does my loved one need to transition from home to a facility?

Keen Life Care Managers are experts who provide guidance for rehabilitation:

  • Provide introductions to local care providers and facilities
  • Educate you in optimizing healthcare benefits
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers to create a strategic plan
  • Coordinate with therapists and care providers
  • Assist in acquiring specialty services, devices, or equipment
  • Manage appointments and accompany, as needed
  • Evaluate need for ongoing caregiver support at home
  • Communicate updates for families at a distance
  • Oversee caregivers to provide assistance with home exercise and walking programs
  • Refer to specialists, such as orthotists/prosthetists, gero-psychiatrists, and neurologists

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