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Many seniors and developmentally disabled people are faced with making decisions about where to live because of changes in their health, mobility, and/or finances. Keen Life Care Managers can provide information regarding the types of communities available, levels of care, and associated costs.

Continuum of Care

Promoting Independence and Quality of Life

  • Home or Independent Living
  • Assisted Living Facility (ALF)
  • Board and Care Facility (B&C)
  • Secured Dementia Unit (free-standing or facility based)
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
  • Long-term Acute Care (LTAC)
  • Acute Care Hospital

Care Support at Home or Facility

  • Private Duty Home Care (HCO)
  • Skilled Home Care Agency (RN, PT, OT, and Speech Therapy)
  • Hospice Care


If you become educated about your options prior to a planned or forced move,
you will save money, time, and anguish.


Keen Life Care Managers collaborate with families and professionals in the community by:

  • Explaining choices for local care facilities and home care agencies
  • Assisting with discharge or transition planning
  • Assist with applications and insurance information
  • Partner with facility staff for smooth transitions, especially for unstable or chronic diseases, and dementia with behaviors
  • Coordinate moves or down-sizing, providing companionship, support, and care oversight until your loved one is stable and settled


Whether you are exploring options for healthy aging in place, or you are a senior of differently abled person, understanding your options is crucial.

Independent Living

55+ condo/apartment complex where maintenance, cleaning, and meals may or may not be provided. Caregivers and a licensed nurse (LVN or RN) may or may not be available for an additional fee. Outside vendors for skilled care (RN/PT/OT/ST) may provide services for individuals in accordance with insurance benefits.


Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facilities (50 – 250+ beds) and Board and Care Facilities (typically six beds) offer the same services and have the same restrictions for levels of care. B&C facilities offer smaller staffing ratios and are better suited for individuals who require greater assistance for mobility and cognitive reasons, whereas larger ALFs offer greater independence and socializing options.

Assisted Living Facilities are large facilities, whereas a Board and Care is typically a single-family home in a residential neighborhood. Both usually offer either private or semi-private rooms. Some are licensed for secured memory care units.

Basic room and board fees typically include meals, medication administration, maintenance, housekeeping, activities, and transportation to medical appointments. Services for personal care assist (dressing, bathing, hygiene/grooming, and mobility assist) may involve additional fees.

Skilled care from a physician, RN, and therapists (PT/OT/ST) is not provided but may be arranged through an outside vendor. Prohibited medical conditions include wounds beyond a stage II, gastric tubes without a waiver, tracheostomies, and hospice without a waiver. Small pets are often allowed.


Board and Care Facility (B&C)

A board and care facility is typically a six-bed assisted living facility in a single family home.  Resident rooms may be private or shared.  This is often an ideal option for individuals who need greater oversight due to the need for assistance with mobility, or due to cognitive impairment. 


Secured Dementia Unit (Free-standing or Facility Based)

A secured dementia unit may be free-standing or based within a larger facility that also provides non-secured care.  A secured dementia unit is the optimal care environment for individuals suffering from memory loss and who may wander into the community.  The programming is designed to address the various cognitive abilities at each phase of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  The unit staff and caregivers receive focused training in skills necessary to engage and support individuals at different levels of functioning.


Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

Skilled nursing facilities provide short-term care for individuals recovering from an illness or surgery, requiring the skills of a licensed nurse or therapist for recovery or stabilization.  This is the most common environment for individuals to receive daily nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to restore functional abilities.

Skilled nursing facilities also provide long-term care for individuals who require a higher level of care to manage chronic medical conditions and associated debilities.


Long-term Acute Care Hospital (LTAC)

Long-term acute care hospitals provide a higher level of care for individuals with complicated health issues including care for ventilators, tracheostomies, gastric feeding tubes, wound care, catheters, and IV’s for significant or chronic infections.  All types of therapies are available (respiratory, physical, occupational, and speech therapies). 


Acute Care Hospitals

Acute care hospitals are for medical emergencies and the onset of new medical problems that need to be evaluated, treated, and stabilized. 



Care Support at Home or Facility


Private Duty Home Care

Private duty home care is provided by a licensed Home Care Agency (HCO) and the caregivers of these agencies are registered with the Department of Social Services- Community Care Licensing Division.  This non-skilled care support may be provided to individuals in their home, including supplemental care support in assisted living facilities, or hospital settings when a sitter is required for safety. 


Skilled Home Care Agencies

Skilled home care agencies provide nursing and therapy services (physical, occupational, and speech therapy) to individuals in their own home, including assisted living and board and care facilities.


Hospice Agencies

Hospice agencies provide end of life comfort care to individuals in their own home, assisted living, board and care, and skilled nursing facilities.


You have many options.

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