Three adult seniors maintaining mental and physical wellness by playing a game of chess in a local park.

Nurturing wellness is important at any age. It’s what makes us healthy, happy and engaged with the world around us. As we age, our wellness needs evolve and change. It’s not just a matter of eating healthy and exercising to maintain physical wellness. Mental wellness matters, too. Seniors must adapt their existing wellness activities and adopt new practices to maintain their overall wellness. 

Below are some of the many ways seniors can cultivate and strengthen their physical and mental wellness. 

Physical Wellness for Seniors

When we’re younger, exercising every day seems to come naturally. Children and adolescents have many opportunities during their school days to run, jump and play games. It’s when we reach adulthood that those opportunities lessen. Actually, the opportunities are still there, we just have to do a better job at providing them for ourselves. 

While exercising is still important for seniors, many of the traditional exercises can be detrimental to aging bodies. Seniors need to adapt their exercise routines to focus on low-impact activities. Walking, swimming, water aerobics, tai chi, light weight training and yoga help improve seniors’ strength, balance and coordination. 

Senior physical wellness is not just about exercising. It’s also about staying active. Staying active can involve anything from socializing with friends and family to cooking dinner to volunteering in your community. Caring for a pet is a great way to stay active (and improve mental wellness), too. Staying active also helps seniors relax more easily and sleep better at night. 

Mental Wellness for Seniors

It’s not enough for seniors to maintain physical wellness only. Seniors need to maintain their mental wellness, too. There are a number of easy and fun activities that can help seniors improve and maintain their mental health and wellness. 

Reading is one of the most inexpensive, relaxing and enjoyable ways to flex those mind muscles. Taking a trip to the local library is not only a great way to keep a steady supply of reading material, it also allows seniors to socialize with others, which in turn benefits physical wellness. 

Playing board games, solving crossword puzzles and putting jigsaw puzzles together help challenge the brain. These activities sharpen thinking skills, improve memory and help fight off cognitive decline. 

Local community colleges and local adult learning centers provide a number of great resources for seniors’ mental wellness. Seniors can socialize (a physical wellness perk) with others, and participate in courses, classes and events that stimulate the brain. Using this resources, seniors can learn a new language, take music lessons to play an instrument, study art, creative writing, history and so much more. 

These activities just scratch the surface of physical and mental wellness techniques. If you would like to learn more about the importance of physical and mental wellness or the currently available Long Beach senior care options, the experts at Keen Home Care are ready to help!

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