7 Benefits of Senior In Home Care

Elderly woman with a dog

Senior in home care is an excellent option for your aging loved one. While assisted living provides many benefits, some seniors prefer to maintain their lifestyle and remain in the comfort of their own home, also known as “Aging in place.” It’s the ideal solution for seniors who need some professional support and don’t want their family and loved ones to be entirely responsible for caregiving.

Here are a few of the many benefits of senior in home care:

1. Comfort

Remaining at home allows seniors to stay in a familiar, comfortable environment that makes them feel secure. Being able to sleep in their own bed and live among photographs and mementos of their family and loved ones has been shown to help seniors stay happy and healthy longer and enjoy a better quality of life. This is very important for seniors with memory loss conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Independence

Aging in place allows seniors to continue to enjoy their independence. They can maintain some control over their daily routines and schedules and make plans knowing that a caregiver is there to support them, whether that means taking them on a walk, running errands or going to a social activity. Senior homecare services help seniors feel respected and can boost their mental and emotional health.

3. Pet Ownership

One of the best benefits of aging in place is that your loved one can keep their beloved pets. Pet companionship helps seniors—and people of all ages—lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular disease, decrease anxiety and ease loneliness. Pets have even been shown to help soothe dementia patients and de-escalate outbursts.

4. Personalized Care

Senior in home care provides the highest level of one-on-one attention possible as your loved one is the caregiver’s primary focus. This allows them to bond and develop a trusted relationship while you can be confident that your loved one is safe and secure. Needs are met much faster than in an assisted living facility where caregivers may have several recipients to care for.

5. Flexibility

Senior in home care is flexible and cost-efficient. While seniors must typically adjust and follow a set schedule at an assisted living facility, a home plan can be tailored to meet their needs better and be scheduled around their daily routine. Whether they need just a few hours at a time or an entire day, senior homecare services lets you create a schedule that works for both you and the recipient’s lifestyle and needs.

6. Companionship

Isolation can lead to declining health and depression among seniors. Senior homecare services provide companionship from the caregiver on a regular basis, while also allowing more flexibility for visits from friends and family. Staying connected to others helps keep morale high and staves off depression, ultimately leading to seniors living happier lives.

7. Faster Recovery

Studies show that people of all ages recover faster and more successfully in their own homes. There is also a decreased risk of exposure to germs and infections when recovering at home.

Taking care of a senior loved one can be challenging, especially when they have health conditions. Aging in place with the support of senior in home care is an ideal solution that will give you peace of mind while providing your loved one with the best quality of life possible.

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