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Get the facts and resources needed to help tackle dementia

What is Dementia? Understanding its Complexities & Challenges

Dementia is a complex and multifaceted condition that affects millions worldwide. The term “dementia” refers to a collection of cognitive symptoms caused by disorders that ...
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Discuss and consider your options before choosing an assisted living facility

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an assisted living facility for yourself or a senior loved one is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make—and one ...
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Senior woman being helped by a nurse on her walker

8 Tips for Preventing Falls

Falling is one of the most significant risks to seniors’ health and independence. They are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among older ...
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woman in assisted living facility being helped by a nurse off of the couch

6 Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities

Seniors often face challenges that require specialized support and care. Assisted living facilities can provide the perfect solution to ensure the well-being and comfort of ...
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Caring for seniors with dementia

12 Tips for Caring for a Senior with Dementia

Caring for a senior with dementia requires a unique and compassionate approach that combines understanding, patience, and a supportive environment. Dementia doesn’t just affect memory, ...
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Woman painting as one of many social activities for seniors

10 Social Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

Social activities at assisted living facilities can provide a vibrant environment for seniors to thrive in. They foster connections and create fun while promoting mental, ...
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great caregiver to seniors

How To Be a Great Caregiver to Seniors: Essential Tips for Assisted Living and In-Home Care

Caring for seniors, whether in an assisted living residence or through senior home care services, is an important and rewarding responsibility. Being a great caregiver ...
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New Years Eve resolution

2024 New Year’s Resolutions for Senior Caregivers

New Year’s Resolutions that caregivers might consider: Self-Care Commitment: Prioritize self-care by dedicating specific time each day or week for activities that promote mental and physical ...
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A loved one in senior care

Choosing the Right Senior Care: Assisted Living, Senior Home Care, or Home Health Care in Long Beach and Orange County

We understand families’ challenges when determining the best senior care options for their loved ones. Making decisions about the right path for a family member’s ...
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Elderly woman in senior in home care with a dog

7 Benefits of Senior In Home Care

Senior in home care is an excellent option for your aging loved one. While assisted living provides many benefits, some seniors prefer to maintain their ...
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Moving a loved one into senior living

5 Tips for Moving a Loved One into Senior Assisted Living

Once your loved one has found the perfect senior assisted living residence, the next step is to plan for the move. Moving is challenging and ...
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10 early signs of dementia

10 Early Signs of Dementia

Dementia affects millions of Americans each year. In 2020, the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) estimated that more than 7 million people in the U.S. suffered ...
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6 Signs its time to enter assisted living

6 Signs It’s Time to Enter Assisted Living

More than 800,000 people in the United States reside in assisted living facilities, according to the American Health Care Association. With technological and healthcare advances, ...
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Activities to do with loved ones with Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia

5 Activities to Do With a Loved One With Alzheimer’s or Dementia

One of the best things you can do to help a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is to spend quality time with them. ...
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Fitness tips for seniors

5 Fitness Tips for Seniors

No matter your age or current fitness level, it’s never too late to start exercising—even in assisted living facilities. Movement has been shown to be ...
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