Choose An Attorney to Assist with Estate Planning

In early 2020, the coronavirus changed the way Maria visited and saw her family.

With healthy, active aging parents, she wanted to protect their rights, even though they displayed no signs of ill health. With uncertainty about the spread of the virus, Maria convinced her parents to get their legal affairs in order before a quick turn of health events could devastate their family structure. Knowing the correct legalities were in order brought peace of mind to Maria, her parents, and her many siblings. 

While it may be uncomfortable for you and your loved one to think about creating a will or trust, these are essential documents that can ease stress, and reduce the financial penalties of probate and a lack of planning. 

Choosing an attorney with experience in estate planning is necessary for this process, as many costly and complicated situations can arise from improper estate planning. 

Some of the hazards that can occur include loss of tax and inheritance benefits and…

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