Chronic Care

Chronic illness is challenging at any age, but when seniors are unwilling to safeguard their well-being, problems can compound, sometimes leading to a medical emergency. Here is the story of one couple’s crisis and how their son and daughter-in-law turned to Keen Home Care for much-needed help.

My husband’s parents, Jerry and Grace, are in their early 80s and live approximately two miles from us. My husband serves as their Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Finances. Unfortunately, Jerry and Grace are both heavy drinkers and routinely fall in the evenings. Jerry had been hospitalized six times in four months due to recurring congestive heart failure (CHF), atrial fibrillation, and pneumonia. 

My husband and I are the closest relatives, so the heavy load is on our shoulders when Jerry is hospitalized. Grace has dementia, and when Jerry is in the hospital, my husband or I stay with her. This has caused a significant strain on our marriage, as well as interfered with our jobs. I researched care agencies in hopes of finding some support and relief. After meeting with a Keen Life Care Manager, it was clear that help was available. The Life Care Manager created an initial plan, and…

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