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The Keen Difference

Trustworthiness, Excellent Listening Skills, Strategy, Team Approach, Collaboration, and Reassessment are all qualities that make the difference in a great senior home care solution.

The Keen Team practices transparency, truthfulness, and accountability. We advocate for you as boldly as we would for own loved ones.

Listening wholeheartedly is the path to understanding your pain, fears, goals, and quality-of-life needs. Only then can we help you create a comprehensive care path that’s right for you.

Through a comprehensive assessment at the onset of care, Keen Life Care Managers identify your specific needs and strategically create your care plan.

Our strategy includes utilizing your insurance benefits, financial resources, and care team assets to meet your needs in a safe, economical, ethical, and compassionate manner.

Regardless of our job descriptions, each Keen team member does whatever must to be done to consistently meet the needs of you and your loved one.

We realize we are but one component of your care team, which also includes family, spouses and partners, friends and neighbors, physicians and healthcare providers, trusted advisors, clergy, and pets.

Sometimes specific goals are met sooner than expected, and we celebrate that care can be reduced. Other times, new and unexpected challenges arise, and care needs to be escalated. We recognize these changes in a timely fashion and quickly and efficiently communicate to everyone on our team and to everyone in your loved one’s wider support system.

Keen can help. Call today for a free home care consultation.

Need To Discuss Your Loved One’s Senior Home Care Needs?

Finding the right level of senior home care for your aging loved one is a difficult process to navigate. That’s why you need a senior care agency you can trust to answer your questions and ease your concerns.

Fill out your information in the form fields to contact Keen Home Care or call us at (877) 852-2737 or (562) 438-5336. As a home care agency, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured – so you have peace of mind when relying on our services.