Hoarding Triumph

Helping Aunt Peggy with Hoarding Disorder

My mom died 10 years ago, and since then, I’ve looked after my Aunt Peggy. My mom had not spoken much about her, other than to discuss that she suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. I don’t remember visiting her at her home, though she came to our house for some holidays.

One day, I received a call from a hospital social worker, informing me that Peggy had fallen at home and broken her hip. Apparently, Peggy had made me her power of attorney for healthcare and finances after my mom passed. The hospital discharge planner indicated that she needed me to sign paperwork and help plan for the next steps. The plan was to transfer Peggy to a rehabilitation center prior to going home. I was concerned about Peggy because I knew she lived in a two-story house. Additionally, I had never been inside her home, which she had lived in with her parents when they were alive…

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