Mental Health

A daughter shares the story of her parents who were challenged with psychosis, behavioral changes, and hospitalization.

My mom, who married Gary 41 years ago, recently called the paramedics because he had fallen in the living room. Gary’s doctor informed our family that Gary was suffering from a urinary tract infection and psychosis but was stable and ready for discharge. My mom wanted Gary to complete his rehabilitation at home because she had promised him he would always be at home. Marissa, Gary’s daughter, wanted to follow the social worker’s suggestion that he go to a psychiatric facility for rehab. My mom wasn’t having anything to do with that.

Gary’s physician suggested contacting a Life Care Manager at Keen Home Care. The Life Care Manager met with us in Gary’s hospital room within an hour after we made contact. After assessing Gary’s status and speaking with his physician, the Life Care Manager confirmed that Gary could safely be cared for at home. My mom was thrilled. Gary’s dad had died in a nursing home, and Gary made her promise she would never put him in a facility…

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