A Daughter’s Love – Mona’s Story

Meet Mona
Mona: [00:00:02] My mom. What an amazing woman. I had the privilege of having my mom in my life for 92 years. What it meant to my mom, most particularly, as well as to myself and my family—to reach out and bring Keen health care in meant everything. Machelle Thompson has had such an amazing career and a wealth of on-the-job experience and her unique ability to love people, to read people and to put people first in her business. My mom was a very strong lady and said ‘no’ continually to having a caregiver come in. But finding the right personality is what Machelle Thompson has a knack for. The last caregiver that was with my mom—a really unique lady that had gratefully become available not long before my mom was in need of a caregiver—and her ways about her, this caregiver, enamored my mom even when she didn’t feel good, and when she was struggling. She enamored my mom to see fun things in her day and she made her more cheerful. She was able to get her to laugh. She also had an uncanny knack with my mom to be able to feel her, to respect her.
Mona: [00:01:27] And I think that that’s what my mom felt the most—is this woman was loving, caring, and indeed understood exactly where my mom was at the time and made it better. Though, she became part of the family and trusted by my mom, number one, and then trusted by me emphatically because of her wealth of knowledge. And what she was able to bring into our home made all the difference in the world. That caregiver’s ability to do that really lifted the load off of my mom’s shoulders and made her be able to rest and to relax a little bit. The care that was given to my mom was one of dignity, respect, and very careful attention. I cannot thank Keen—and under the guidance of Machelle Thompson—enough for providing this level of service. That level of care is one reason why now in my stage of grieving and missing my mom so dearly that I can breathe, and I can know that everything was done to make my mom feel good and OK no matter what.
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