Getting Care for my Mother-in-Law – Linda’s Story

Meet Linda
Linda: [00:00:00] Every single person we’ve had has been just delightful. I do have my favorites only because they’ve been with us for so long. So, I hope that Joan is around for a lot longer, so that we can continue to have them. Because when that sad day comes, we are going to so miss them. Our next-door neighbors were a wonderful elderly couple that we loved, Bob and Helen. And I would see these cars parking in front of their home all the time. And I’m thinking, ‘who are these people?’ Come to find out, it was Keen. They just loved them, and they cared for them for years until they passed away. And I just saw them coming, going, and thinking, ‘gosh, I’ll make a mental note of that when it comes time.’ My mother-in-law and father-in-law were needing care in the home. And so they came and they interviewed with Joan and Ben, and my husband and I, and their son. And we just loved them. And we thought, ‘OK, we’re going to go for it.’ And they would take them to their doctor’s appointments. They made their breakfast, lunch, and dinner; take them to their lunch dates. And then when they got to be a little more needing of more help, they would do the other things, such as the medications, the bathing, helping to the bathroom. And one time that was so wonderful that I remember is my husband and I were busy, and we couldn’t get to the hospital, so they took my mother-in-law to the hospital and our caregiver, Jocelyn, who was delightful, we went to the hospital and there she was sitting by my mother-in-law’s side.
Linda: [00:01:31] They don’t have people that just come and stay and then leave. They go the extra mile, and they take care of the whole person. Now my own mother begins to have dementia and she was a whippersnapper, let me just tell you. And they did everything for her. Keen was so amazing through all of that. One of the times I came home, and they had made her a wonderful lunch, of course. And then I saw the caregiver on her hands and knees giving her a pedicure. And that was just like the sweetest thing. And she used to stand there, you know, doing her toenails like some people would not even want to do that. When we have our family come down from up north, the caregivers lay out her favorite clothes because they know what they are, and they do her makeup for her and make her just feel so good. They care about that. They just know their business. There’s nothing they haven’t seen or done, and they just have a real heart for it. And they’re there for you and they bring up things that you didn’t even think about, and they let you know how things might be, how it’s going to look, emotionally what you’re going to go through. They talk to the whole family, the children, and they just really put their love on you. They’re just amazing.
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