Devoted to Staying at Home – Ron’s Story

Meet Ron

Ron: [00:00:05] This is our home for over 50 years. Nothing can replace it. We’re fortunate to be able to do it. We have lived a great couple of years here. A tenant of ours used Keen for both her parents who lived into their nineties. Two years before we actually needed Keen, I met with Machelle and we kind of talked, and when the time came when we needed her, we were ready to go.

My wife puts a smile on my face when she’s doing okay. She has some moments where she gets a little down, but she can overcome it. They do the laundry. They put clothes away. They feed us. They anticipate your needs before you even know you needed something. They’re there every step of the way. Mary Jane is also under hospice care to make life easier—because then the doctors and nurses come to her. Fortunately, we’re both doing well. Emily is the most fantastic cook, so that’s a bonus.

Emily (Keen Home Care): [00:01:23] I work living with some clients only for one year, and I’ve [been with this family] for two years. My duty is to take care of them. I make sure they have whatever they need. The children can then drive. Make sure they have the meals, take medication on time, and do something—clean house.
Ron: [00:01:45] There’s a standard that Keen has, and they care—care so much. Never take a shortcut. The slightest nuance of a problem, they’re on it. And thanks to Machelle’s fierce backing of my instincts, I had a plan that I worked out with Machelle, and I couldn’t have done it otherwise. They’re not just service people who are in and out. They’re like family.
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