Keen Home Care “Geriatric Care Managers” turn our client’s home into their own assisted living facility.

From Two days a week for 4 hours to Half-day shifts of 12 hours to Full-day shifts of 24 hours or around the clock, every day of the week

Keen develops the Care Plan and team for the perfect fit.

Our Loved Ones are Unique,
as are Their Needs

Keen’s Geriatric Care Managers (Life Care Managers) partner with you and your family members to develop a plan to do as little or as much as needed to ensure the level of care for your loved one is just right.

Some individuals have very active nearby family support and only want some guidance. Others may want complete professional oversight for their care and home upkeep.

Once we know everything that’s important to you, understand your home’s floor plan and amenities, and the scheduling requirements, we calendar introductions to our in-home caregivers to ensure the perfect fit.


Download Keen’s Geriatric Care Manager Overview

  • Who seeks services from Keen Home Care
  • How Geriatric Care Managers make a difference
  • Quick overview of Geriatric Care Managers, also known as, Life Care Managers

Keen’s Senior In – Home Care Assistance is scheduled just for you

Keen’ levels of care relate specifically to our client’s needs, that we know may change from time to time.

We start with a minimum of two days a week, for four hours each day, to half day twelve-hour shifts, to 24 hour (live-in) shifts around the clock, every day of the week.

Keen carefully develops the right plan and assigns the right caregiver or team for the perfect fit and if we need to reduce hours, or increase them, we’re ready for you.

Geriatric Care Managers are in regular contact with our paraprofessional caregiver staff to monitor for any declines or improvements in our client’s status so we always achieve what we established in the early planning discussions.


Keen Geriatric Care Managers Advocate For You In Several Unique Ways

Some clients seek a higher level of service that includes the regular engagement of a Keen Geriatric Care Manager.

  • Oversee expert caregiver services
  • Coordinate with physicians, skilled home care teams (RN, PT, OT, and ST), out-patient care teams, and hospice providers to provide integrated, compassionate, and effective care
  • Arrange and escort you to important medical appointments and assist you and your loved ones in understanding what occurred at those appointments
  • Help guide in the selection of rehabilitation facilities, community care providers, and secure specialty services as your needs change
  • Recommend and coordinate vendors who can turn your home into your own assisted living home, on your terms and on your schedule
  • Help you stay connected with the most important people in your life (mail, e-mail, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, and Keen Care Connection)
  • Show up and serve your best interests in crisis situations
  • Plan and coordinate a seamless transition to a new home, as needed
  • Ensure your presence at important life events (weddings, births, graduations, family reunions, and celebrations of life)
  • Care for your pet, as if it is your only child

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Providing senior in – home care, and homes for assisted living in Southern Los Angeles.
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