Devoted to Staying at Home – Dr. Robinson’s Story

Meet Dr Robinson

Dr. Robinson: [00:00:02] This is a whole new world to me. This world of needing help, needing people to come in to do things for you. This is a new world for me. It’s just when I first met Christine (Keen Home Care), there were people in here helping me put on my pants, and I just was not comfortable with anyone helping me put on my pants. You know, showers—they’d have to help me with my shower. I did not like that at all. As I think of it now, I still don’t like it. But they make me feel comfortable by saying ‘this is just part of a cycle in your life, Mr. Robinson.’

I’ve worked hard over the years. It means that I can stay here in great comfort and not have to worry about moving into some assistance center. I can indeed live in my own home and enjoy it, and in doing so I can look at the chess set that I used to teach my son to play chess. I can look at the swimming pool where they learned to swim. I can go on and on with great memories. Believe me.

Christine Yap: [00:01:15] Whenever a caregiver gets a new assignment, you are excited to know, what kind of person am I going to meet today? What kind of case? How can I help him or her? How can I prepare myself? Before we accept an assignment, we also reflect on our own and see, am I the right person for this job? Would I be able to perform what’s expected from me to give the best care possible for this person? (Click here to read Christine’s bio)

Dr. Robinson: [00:01:42] When I first met Machelle (founder and CEO of Keen Home Care) , and when I first met Christine, I was kind of instantly convinced that they cared about me. They cared about how I felt. They cared about the medication I was supposed to take. They cared about a return visit to Kaiser or to my doctor. To me, it was not so much a business. It was very much a very human-oriented human feeling, kind of as, ‘we want to take care of you.’ I was just impressed with that immediately. It was very much a response that she gave, that simply said, ‘yes, I’m convinced that this is the company I should be with.’ This is the business that I would like to have come into my home. And then, of course, when I met Christine, she was a personification of all that Machelle talked about. It was all done in such an efficient way. It was all done in such a professional manner. You can only be very, very pleased with the service of Keen.
Christine Yap: [00:02:39] My goal of being a caregiver is, first of all, to make them feel respected because for me respect is number one. If you have respect, everything else will follow.
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